Second Weddings

One of the nicest things that we find as we help our brilliant couples plan their wedding at Rockbeare Manor, near Exeter, is watching and getting to know two families and lots of friends, who all have a role to play in celebrating and supporting the happy couple in the lead up to their big day.

Sometimes we’ll help a young couple who have been together since university, college or even school, and that’s really lovely as we help them embark upon this really exciting day together.

But the chances are that one of you might have been married before, or in a very long-term relationship, and we understand that there might well be sensitivities around certain traditions that you want to maintain at your wedding. So, we’ve put together a handy list of things that you might be thinking about, to help you plan your big day:


  1. Involving families

Some of our past couples have told us that sadly, their families don’t appear to be quite so supportive of them the second time around. But we think that there is so much to celebrate. Explain to your loved ones that you are coming in to this marriage with your eyes fully open, having perhaps learnt some valuable lessons the first time around.


  1. Children everywhere!

It’s absolutely wonderful when two families come together to celebrate a wedding, and often children are a very important part. We can help by thinking of some special jobs for all of your wedding party (regardless of their age), and making sure that everybody has an important role to play in your celebration. And if you’re concerned about table plans and the potential of leaving people out, then why not avoid having a top table and mix your loved ones up so that they all ‘host’ a table of their own? Or avoid having a table plan altogether and letting people sit wherever they want to? Whatever your dilemma, the chances are that we’ve seen a similar situation and got a few solutions that might help, and we’re very happy to discuss them with you.


  1. In memory

If, very sadly, your first husband, wife or partner has passed away, it can be really tricky to celebrate your new love fully if you’re worried about upsetting people. You must do what feels right to you at the time, but we might be able to help you by suggesting some ideas of things that have worked at Rockbeare weddings in the past. For instance, making sure that you remember your first husband or wife in speeches can be a lovely way of showing your respect whilst also celebrating the future. You could also perhaps ask for donations towards a charity that helped them or you. We’ve seen lots of lovely things work well in the past, and would be very happy to share some of them with you if you’d like us to.


  1. Gift list

If you’ve been married before, the chances are that you put together a gift list the first time around, and you probably still have everything that you asked for then. That said, people are probably still likely to want to give you something! You could ask for money towards a project that you’d like to undertake together, or perhaps money towards a family holiday?


Whatever your history might be, we just want to help you to celebrate the future. So, if you’re newly engaged, and would like to have you wedding near Exeter at Rockbeare Manor, please just get in touch by calling 01392 797444. We’d love to hear from you, and would be delighted to show you around our beautiful wedding venue!

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