The most romantic wedding ideas

We’re finally seeing some hints of spring here at Rockbeare Manor, one of Devon’s most romantic wedding venues. The birds are singing and the flowers slowly starting to show some colour! Valentine’s Day recently saw lots of new wedding enquiries coming through, and it was great to welcome so many happy, recently engaged couples to look around.

It’s made our expert team here at Rockbeare Manor, near Exeter, start to think about some of the most romantic weddings that we’ve seen. OK, by their very nature, all weddings are romantic! But some couples seem to do the whole romance thing really well and we wanted to share some of their great ideas with you all.

It’s not all hearts and flowers

We find that many couples focus on what they think they should be doing, instead of what really sums them up as individuals. If you’re not a ‘hearts and flowers’ type of couple, then don’t try to turn in to that just for the sake of your wedding day. If your style is more hells angels as opposed to pink fluffy angels, then go with it! Your guests will love it, because it sums you up as a couple and is entirely individual just as you are.

What makes you work as a couple?

It’s really important to try to focus on what makes you work so well as a couple and what makes you tick when you’re together. This can also help if you’re trying to work out a theme for your wedding. If you love cycling, why not bring elements of cycling and bikes in to your day – think about the cake, table plan and decor. Or maybe you have both done a lot of travelling – again, you can bring elements of that in to your styling too.

It’s all in the detail

Some of the most romantic weddings that we’ve seen, have also been some of the quirkiest. Wedding favours made by the happy couple, meaningful playlists that they’ve put together, or flowers grown in their garden are all ways of bringing meaningful detail in to your special day. We also love a guest book! It’s such a beautiful memento of your day, and gives all of your guests a great opportunity to send their wishes to you when you may not have a chance to speak to them much in person on the big day.


Your table plan provides an excellent way of letting your guests in to your life together. We’ve seen numbered tables – which seemed fairly innocuous until we realised that each number was from the couple’s life together (the date that they met, their first date and so on). We’ve also seen tables named after romantic places that they’ve been together, holiday destinations, and addresses that mean something to them.

Make your venue work for you

Our final tip for a romantic wedding is to ensure that the venue that you choose, allows you to have freedom and flexibility on your very special day. At Rockbeare Manor, we have chosen a neutral colour scheme on purpose, to allow couples to inject their own personality in to the styling of their wedding, be it from the décor and flowers, table arrangements and music, to the food served to your guests.

We’ve also got beautiful gardens, with sloping lawns, a wildflower meadow and views across East Devon and to Exeter. We often find that photographs taken in our gardens can be the most striking, with photographers making the most of natural light and relaxed guests!

Our beautiful wedding venue in the Devon countryside can be exclusively yours too. Contact us for a viewing of Rockbeare Manor and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team about your very special day.

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