Keeping children entertained at weddings

One of the most frequent dilemmas that we find couples have when planning their wedding at Rockbeare Manor is whether they should invite children. It’s surprising how quickly the number of invitees can add up, and so having adults only is an easy way to moderate the ever-expanding guest list. But, weddings are special family occasions and for some, it just wouldn’t be the same without children there.

Aimee, Director at Rockbeare Manor, has two children aged 4 and 6 and wants to share her tips for keeping the little ones entertained if you choose to include them in the wedding celebrations.

“Let’s be honest, weddings can be tedious for children. It’s a long day, quite often they may not know many other children there, and parents no doubt will be asking them to be on their best behaviour all day. That can be hard during the Ceremony, or two-hour Wedding Breakfast, not to mention lengthy speeches.  I don’t know about you, but I can definitely sympathise with them on that note – it’s hardly surprising that they will want to run around at times.  That’s why if you’re planning a wedding, I’d always encourage you to think about how you can keep the children entertained during the day – trust me, it will be worth it in the end!

Children at weddings

During the Ceremony

This is likely to be the most sensitive and emotional part of the day, and where it’s most important for the kiddies to be on their best behaviour. Registrars and Vicar’s are generally pretty relaxed about having younger ones around, and often embrace it by making them feel part of the ceremony, but it can still be a good idea to have some books and quiet toys available nearby so that there is something to hand if the little ones get itchy feet!

The Drinks Reception

Time of year may plan a part in your choices here but if it’s a nice day there is lots you can do – at Rockbeare Manor we’ve seem giant garden games, space hoppers, mini kites and hoola hoops to name just a few.  There are also options that will work no matter what the weather and time of year - colouring stations, kids snack boxes with colourful balloons attached, and one of my favourites is a children’s wig-wam. You can fill it with comfy blankets and cushions so that they have their very own den to hang out in, whether that be inside or out. You can also surround the wig-wam with toys, puzzles and games so that there is something for them all to do.

The Wedding Breakfast

Children’s menus will vary from venue to venue but whatever you decide, a little tip of mine would be to make sure that you try to feed the children as soon as you can. They are likely to be hungry so if they aren’t having a starter but everyone else is, make sure that you serve their main course at the same time as all your other guests have their starters. For under 10’s we always like to give the kids something yummy for their meal – our local sausages and mash with gravy, followed by our homemade chocolate brownie and Salcome Dairy Ice Cream always goes down very well!

children at weddings

Party time!!

This is one of the best bits for the children and they do love to take to the dance floor and show us adults their fantastic moves! Your photographer will no doubt be able to get some great snaps of them too. Let the kids go for it - you never know, they might even sleep more soundly as a result (or is that just wishful thinking??!).

At Rockbeare Manor we will embrace your day, with or without the children – it’s whatever works best for you both. Either way it’s fine with us!!”

If you are newly engaged and would like to discuss your wedding at Rockbeare Manor please just get in touch by calling 01392 797444. Regardless of whether you’d like children at your wedding or not, we’d love to hear from you!

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