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Rockbeare Manor lends itself to all wedding styles, from minimal to extravagant, rustic to classic; we have it covered! The Manor has a contemporary feel, yet retains a sense of history, whilst being stylishly impressive. With neutral colours throughout, there is no need to worry about fitting your theme in with the venue.

Getting married today means creative freedom and social media is always on hand to get the imagination flowing, #weddinginspo. With Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook offering an abundance of ideas, it can be hard to know where to start, so we have put together some pointers to help you plan your DIY wedding and included tips from Lauren who married here at the end of December, she says:

“Pinterest is amazing for wedding inspiration and ideas. I was adamant about putting my own spin on anything I liked from Pinterest, I tried to use it for inspiration and not duplication. By creating a Wedding board on Pinterest I spent hours pinning colours, themes, dresses and so on and it started becoming very obvious where our wedding was heading.”

The Décor

Navigating social media can be a little overwhelming as there is so much choice out there, so the best thing to do, is to narrow it down. We recommend starting with your centrepieces – after all, you are going to spend a lot time in their company!

Keep it simple, remember, less is more! It’s easy to get carried away with table décor, but this could leave your guests with no room for their phones, purses, cameras or even elbows!

Feeling rustic, but want something simple? Then log slices are your friend! A log slice base with jars of wild flowers is simple, but effective; sitting just below eye level, they won’t block your view.

Perhaps you’re going for a more classical style, if so, tall slim glass vases are packed full of hydrangeas and eucalyptus will transform any room into something memorable and impressive.

Once you have selected your centrepieces you can work outwards, from tea lights and menus to chair ribbons & favours!

All the right signs

Help your guests out by guiding them through the day with signs and set the tone of the day.

A simple ‘Welcome to our Wedding’ sign tells your guests they’re in the right place and offers a warm welcome in your absence. You can take this a little further and create an ‘Order of the Day’ sign. This not only avoids unnecessary printing of itineraries, it means your guests aren’t left hanging!

Worried about going over budget? Don’t forget that with a chalk board, or piece of wood coupled with fancy hand writing can make the perfect sign! What better time to start calligraphy than for your own wedding?

We have asked Lauren for some advice on how she made her own order of the day sign:

I found on Pinterest a seating plan board that had lights all around it, I couldn’t find one to buy so thought I would give it my best shot, with help from my Dad as he has all the tools.

The wood I salvaged from Dad was luckily about the size I needed, he nailed the architrave around the board and then drilled holes to pop the fairy lights into. The hard work started when I thought calligraphy was easy which it is not! I had to Google Calligraphy Fonts and once I found one I liked, I downloaded it typed up all the timings and wording for the Order of the Day and then printed it out. I then copied it onto tracing paper then traced it onto the board.”

And Lauren’s new hubby Dan added one extra special sign which we couldn’t resist sharing #wifeyforlifey.

The table plan

Your table plan is a great way to set the tone for your wedding breakfast.

We loved Lauren’s unique and Christmas themed table plan where she hung picture frames listing guests on each table on a Christmas tree, she even managed to incorporate Santa’s Sack for her cards!

My most favourite piece of décor was the Christmas Tree Table Seating Plan. I found this most difficult to decide on, as I wanted it to be unique and not cost the earth. Once I had my idea, I had many doubters that it wouldn’t work, but I just ignored everyone and it ended up being one of the most talked about pieces at our wedding.  The reason for it being my favourite is because it just all came together and I have never seen it been done anywhere else not even on Pinterest.”


Dress Inspiration

I’m sure I’m not alone in the experience of ordering an outfit that looks amazing online, it arrives, you try it on with high expectations and it isn’t anything you imagined. In fact, you begin to wonder if you put the wrong item in your basket! When it comes to your wedding dress, this is certainly the last experience you want, and knowing where to start can be a little daunting.

There are some stunning and unique gowns on Pinterest to make you feel like Kate Middleton on your big day. With Pin Boards, you can quickly end up with an array of dresses, perhaps there is one with the perfect neckline, the other with a beautifully delicate pattern, but another that is just the right colour. Trust the professionals, with so many wonderful designers around; you can easily come up with something bespoke as Lauren did:

“So I was never going to be a Bride that tries on one dress and falls in love as much as I tried to in every shop we visited. The problem all started when I had found a dress on Pinterest that didn’t exist in any of the shops I was visiting. So I decided to get one made bespoke, I sent the designer lots of different images from Pinterest to finally get a design that I just knew was the one”

The most important thing to remember when styling your wedding is to have fun with it. The day should reflect you! There is no right or wrong, and after all, you only do it once! And so, Lauren’s last piece of advice for couples planning their big day is:

I encourage brides and grooms to represent their personal style in their wedding attire. This is not the time to wear what you think would please everyone else. Be true to yourself.”


Photography: Holly Collings 

Flowers: Flowersmiths

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