The Ultimate Guide to an Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Rockbeare Manor

When planning your Wedding Day it’s easy to get lost in the fine details of décor, outfits and entertainment, finding inspiration from all the dreamy real wedding pictures that Instagram and Pinterest offer, but what often gets overlooked in the planning process is the wedding ceremony itself.

The Wedding Ceremony is one of the most important parts of the day, the moment that all of your guests come together to witness you and your beloved say I do! At Rockbeare Manor we think there is something truly beautiful about focusing your energy and pouring your love into the ceremony itself, so we have put together some handy tips to make sure your wedding ceremony is unforgettable, for all the right reasons.


No doubt one of your first questions will be, ‘what time are we going to get married?’ As the main focus of the day, it is important to consider how the timing of your ceremony will impact on the rest of your itinerary. We recommend between 2 – 2.30pm for your ceremony, this allows enough time to get ready in the morning without feeling rushed, with plenty of time for food, drink and celebrations!

A wedding ceremony typically takes between 25 -30 minutes dependent on readings and any other special touches that you have planned.  Although it’s the Bride’s prerogative to be fashionably late, try not to leave your husband-to-be worrying if you’re going to turn up!

Bride & Groom stand on the steps whilst the guests seat behind them watching them wed


Whether you have chosen a local Church close to your heart, or the room that gave you goosebumps at your dream venue, it is important that the location is somewhere you can picture saying your nuptials. At Rockbeare Manor we have several ceremony locations, both indoor and outdoor to choose from, and we’re sure at least one of them will capture your heart!

We have 2 beautiful indoor locations to choose from:

The Dining Room holds up to 100 guests, affords beautiful views of the parkland, is blessed with the most magical lighting all year round through its magnificent bay windows, and contains the most elegant chandelier sure to wow your guests!

Bride and Groom kiss whilst bridesmaids and groomsmen watch and applaud

The Dining Room set up for a ceremony with a chandelier in the centre of the orom and big bay windows at the back

The Ballroom holds up to 160 guests, surrounded by windows and skylights there is no shortage of light. A spacious and beautiful location that works as a blank canvas so that you can play with as much or as little décor as you like.

A view down the aisle in the floodlit Ballroom set for a ceremony dressed with flowers  Bride and Groom hold hands whilst the registrar reads from the register

Our couples who have their heart set on an outdoor wedding ceremony often ask ‘what if it rains?’. Don’t worry, we have it covered! With a dedicated Event Manager on hand on the day, we will decide on the morning whether we can hold an outdoor ceremony so that your ceremony isn’t rained off. That way you can sit back and relax while the team are busy sun dancing and setting up!

We have two stunning outdoor locations to choose from:

The South Pavilion, located on the south lawns, is a beautifully quaint spot to hold an outdoor ceremony. Surrounded by the picturesque parkland and situated next to the peaceful fountain, the orangery and it’s courtyard offer a charming backdrop for your special moment.

A fountain sprays close up whilst guests sit in the distance watching the Grooms say their vows in front of a beautiful countryside backdrop

Bride and Groom stand in the doorway to the orangery looking at the Registrar whilst they exchange rings. The guests sit in front watching



Now that you know your location and timings, the next aspect of the ceremony to consider is seating. As your guests are invited to take their seats they will naturally look for guidance. Traditionally the Bride’s family and friends sit on the left, with the Groom’s family and friends on the right. You may, however, decide you want a more informal arrangement and ask your guests to sit where they like, this is a perfect opportunity for some beautiful signage “pick a seat, not a side, we’re all family when the knot is tied!”

Grand Entrance

For the procession, you will need to think about who you would like to walk you down the aisle and what order you want your bridal party to walk in. If you are particularly nervous about this part you could walk in with your bridesmaids both in front and behind you for moral support, or if you prefer the idea of a more dramatic entrance you could have your bridesmaids enter individually first before you make your grand entrance, the possibilities really are endless!

The Bride links onto the Groom's hands as they smile at eachother, lots of guests sit behind watching


Incorporating readings into your wedding ceremony can be a really fun way to add personality, or include your loved ones in your day. Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous, readings don’t have to be poems or traditional stories, they can be anecdotes, a letter from a friend or something that gets the crowd laughing! Readings are traditionally held before exchanging of vows but they can be scattered throughout the ceremony.


Choosing your music is the perfect opportunity to put your personal touch on the day and add depth to a very special and intimate moment. It is also a really fun part of the planning process that you can do together. Try to choose music that is relevant to you and your beloved, it could be something that reminds you of a special memory, makes you laugh or a song with lyrics that could have been written about you!

Here is a guide to creating a playlist for your ceremony:

1.Seating of guests: 3-5 songs to play in the background whilst your guests are choosing their seats

2.Grand entrance: 1 song for the all-important aisle walk! This should be a special one

3.Signing of the register: 2 songs to play in the background whilst you sign the register and have photos taken

4.Grand exit: 1 song to walk out to with your new husband or wife, make it an exciting one!

 Bride and Groom cheers with their glasses as their guests line up behind


It's official! That means it's time to celebrate with your guests! We like to remind our couples that you don’t get much time together on the day, so this is a perfect opportunity to steal 5 minutes together and take in the moment. You can head off into a quiet room such as our cosy library whilst we distract your guests with drinks or by creating a confetti tunnel!

A view of the aisle bordered by chairs in the Dining Room with large bay windows. A table with two chairs sits with a bouquet in the centre.

Your Wedding Ceremony is a very special moment, a moment that you've been waiting for, for what feels like forever. A moment that will fly by in an instant. A moment that you will look back on fondly for the rest of your life. So, make it a good one, add your personal touches and soak up every minute!

For more information about holding a wedding at Rockbeare Manor please visit our wedding venue page or call us on 01392 797444. 

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