5 things you should know when planning a winter wedding

Winter wedding inspiration

Winter has got to be the most captivating time of year for a wedding - it's certainly one of our favourites because of the depth of colours you can use, the twinkling lights and gentle flickering of candlelight - not to mention the ability to go all out with the dress code!

Bride and Groom marry in winter wedding at Rockbeare Manor

Quite often Brides and Grooms go for a Black Tie affair in winter which adds a real sense of elegance and style. That was one of the key elements of Becca and Tom's winter wedding who's wedding images by Nova Photography are featured in this month's blog - a totally jaw-dropping event full of class and attention to the smallest details. 

Bridesmaid at winter wedding in devon

They had wanted a winter wedding from the start as they knew just how stunning it could be when all of the styling elements came together and they certainly weren't disappointed. They embraced the chilly weather and like every couple does on their wedding day, no matter what the time of year, they kept their fingers crossed that the rain would stay away.

Bride and groom walk together at their winter wedding

So, for those of you planning a winter wonderland wedding, or wondering whether to take the plunge and head down the path towards a wedding full of festive romance, cosy ambience and twinkling lights here are our tips to to make your winter wedding unforgettable.  

Winter wedding table arrangements at Rockbeare Manor in Devon 

5 Top Tips when planning a Winter Wedding

1 - Stay warm 

First things first - make sure your venue is cosy even on the coldest of days. Visit between November and February if you can and see how warm and welcoming it is as you walk in.

Candles lit on mantle piece for winter wedding in Devon

Are there open fires and if so are they alight, and are the radiators keeping things nice and toasty? Is the heating in the main events spaces, for the wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast sufficient to make sure that you and your guests can take off their jackets and still feel comfortable? There's nothing worse than being cold so this is a really important one to do your homework on. 

Bride gets ready at Rockbeare Manor in Devon

In an ideal world, to ensure a seamless delivery, your wedding venue will also have ample space to comfortably accommodate all of your guests for a drinks reception, and a completely separate area for your wedding ceremony and reception to take place.

 Bridesmaid drinks cocktail at winter wedding in Devon

2 - Don't be afraid of the rain...or snow!

Embrace it! After all it can rain on any day of the year no matter what the month.  Your wedding photographer is no doubt a true professional and will love the opportunity to get creative behind the lens. Light rain can make the most incredibly romantic images so order your wedding brolly and even a pair of fancy wellies if you wish and embrace all that the weather has to throw at you.

 Bride and Groom on a chilly day

As for snow - it's rare but oh my goodness looks so beautiful. Check that your wedding venue is set up to be able to cope with extreme weather (by for example clearing driveways and nearby country lanes, and spreading salt in the car park and pathways). Then just sit back and enjoy your winter wonderland wedding. 

Winter wedding ideas and inspiration

3 - Use candlelight at every opportunity

There is no such thing as too many candles!! It's so simple but the effect candlelight has for a winter wedding is just un-paralleled and totally magical!

Groom at winter wedding in Devon

If you are going for a December wedding the addition of a couple of Christmas trees with twinkling lights and elegant ball balls bouncing the light around will only enhance this.

P.s Hopefully your wedding venue allow open flames but do check with them as it's not always the case.

Candles and greenery at the bottom of a staircase

Candles used in wedding ceremony for winter wedding

4 - Plan your travel routes and allow a little extra time

To avoid any un-necessary travel disasters it's always reassuring when your wedding ceremony is in the same location as your wedding reception. Church ceremonies are beautiful and so if that is the route you are going down, simply leave a little bit more time for travelling in between the church and your wedding venue.

Groom and groomsmen - Black Tie Winter Wedding

Don't plan for a wedding ceremony that's too early in this case as you will then give your guests more time to travel - perhaps a 1pm start for a church ceremony, or 2pm if you are having a Civil Ceremony at your venue.   

Winter wedding large floral arrangement 

5 - Identify beautiful indoor backdrops for photography 

First impressions are everything and so if your wedding venue has a wow-factor on the outside as well as the inside you're already one step ahead. 

Bride and groom at their winter wedding venue Rockbeare Manor

Make sure that there are plenty of pretty indoor spaces, big windows and beautiful backdrops to work with for your wedding photography and if your wedding venue looks amazing at night too, you're onto a winner!

Couple sign the register at winter wedding in Devon

In winter the days are shorter and you may not want to walk too far into the gardens or grounds if it's chilly or damp underfoot and so being able to have really striking images of you and your guests in multiple locations, just outside your venue is a real plus.    

Bridal party pose outside wedding venue in Devon Rockbeare Manor

Bride poses outside wedding venue in Devon

There is no better feeling than receiving your wedding gallery of images after the wedding - all the emotion and happy memories will come flooding back and so doing to the ground work initially to ensure that your venue ticks all the right boxes will really pay off. 

Bride poses by window at her winter wedding   

A few words from Becca, our featured Bride...

“My favourite moment was when the sun came out for our photos when it had been a cloudy and drizzly morning. We couldn't believe our luck”

“At the end of the day, a wedding is all about the love you have for each other above all else! Try not to stress over the little things and enjoy every moment.” 


We hope that you enjoyed the blog!

Thank you so much for staying with us to read our blog... don't forget...

Your 5 top tips for planning your winter wedding are:

- Stay warm

- Don't be afraid of the rain...or snow!

- Use candlelight at every opportunity

- Plan your travel routes and allow a little extra time

- Identify beautiful indoor backdrops for photography


Rockbeare Manor is a beautiful winter wedding venue in Devon, just outside Exeter. To come and explore please contact our team on 01392 797 444 or email us here

Curious about what Rockbeare looks like from the air? Have a look at our flyover to find out. 

Bride and Groom on blue sky winters day


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